Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Munkie5 closes

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the munkie5 will not continue production.
not in the days to come.

Thanks for all who contributed and supported us in our project!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Project Pool Party #2

We were talking about it yesterday night. So lets do it? i hear we had a lot of fun last year and so lets have more fun this year again. We will start planning soon, and will let everybody know of the latest updates for this event. Lets hope its another success!
We will try to make it least painful to the pockets as possible. But whatever it is, we will have fun. :)
it won't be so last minute this time yea? so everyone can plan ahead of time.

Its september now. Perhaps we might have it end of october or even november.
We will plan and we'll see how things work out.

Everyone's invited!

Be sure to let all your friends know about the party! :)
Do also give your comments under the comments for this blogpost.
(don't use the chatbox at the side) we'd like to know what everyone has to say about this.

If you didn't know about last year's event. be sure to check out this vids :
Munkie5 Pool Party Part 1
Munkie5 Pool Party Part 2
Munkie5 Pool Party Part 3

do also let us know whether you'll NOT be able to make it if we put it on a certain date, so we can plan out dates where everyone is free to come!

Let your friends know about it.
It doesn't matter whether we know them or not,
just come and have fun!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Project #10 - Soo Hing the "Baller"

First of, this shirt was for a person named Soo Hing. We usually see him in the usual bball court we play at. So, after knowing his 22nd b'day was on the April 24th, we decided to make him the ultimate pressie for him--An awesome custome-made Munkie5 T-shirt!!! And in the end, we finished it throughout all the sleepless nights. (except Core but still a job well done to everyone in the team)

Anyhow, check it out people!!

As usual Core, our SliceMaster cuts up the designs for Soo Hing's shirt.

Featuring the new Munkie5 design for Soo Hing.

While waiting for Core to finish his part, Pete just hangs around watching....

...these 2 fellas(Dunk & Louie,Pete's brother) playing DOTA.

When it's time to start painting, you'll need the right man for the right job--Pete!!

Painting including shirts and most importantly--Finger Nails!!!! Who's nails, you ask?!

Why, it's definitely Dunk's nails!!!.....don't ask where else we painted...

Anyway, this is the design for Soo Hing. Notice we added a new shade of color--its Gold that actually ~shines~.

We also added the new Gold paint onto the ? Besides that, all the White are all for the words that ends with -tion. Catchy,eh?!

Once done with the painting, its time to take a look at the end result.

Whaddaya think?! Some cool design or what?!

The paintjob on the new Munkie5 design is AWESOME!!

What else is AWESOME?! The foods in Soo Hing's Party!!

Thats Soo Hing with his pressie... Check out his expression.

*no comment on this one*

And Finally...

Its a Job Well Done for everyone and most of all, Happy 22nd Birthday, Soo Hing!!!

Seth signing off...

p/s: I would like to apologize for not updating the blog in time. After Core started working in Starbucks, he pass the blogger job to me and Dunk and I'm not really a 'blog' person. Anyhow, I shall try my best in updating future blogs.